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Why Azure?

If you know me, you’ll know primarily I work with AWS. In fact, I’m an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. So why am I here, telling you to get Azure certified?

Well, if you really know me, you’ll also know I believe that blind adherence…

Get AWX running on your Mac

The AWX logo. Good isn’t it?


AWX is the free, open source version of Ansible Tower. Owned by Red Hat, Ansible is a configuration management tool for keeping your infrastructure in a desired state. Like Fedora is the upstream OS for RHEL, AWX is the upstream project for Ansible Tower…

The nuclear option to housekeeping

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cloud-nuke is a tool you can use to completely obliterate resources in your AWS account. That’s right. Completely. Obliterate.

Why on earth would you want to do that, I hear you cry? We’re in the business of building clouds, not destroying them. …

No news is bad news

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Today I encountered an issue with AWS Chatbot. Chatbot is the AWS service I use to send triggered CloudWatch alarms into Slack. Unlike email, people might actually read them there.

Issues with Chatbot aren’t unusual. I’ve been using it since it was in beta*, and…

Or, how I learnt to stop worrying and start cursing the day I was born

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

This is a listicle of things you need if you don’t want to die cold and alone on your first datacentre trip.

Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

1. Headphones

Unless you like the monotonous drone of…

Presented by Toby Jackson, Senior Operations Engineer @ Future

Sensu is a distributed scalable monitoring solution, written in Ruby with a JVM option for Enterprise users. It has multi-master redundancy using a message broker architecture to distribute messages from clients. Clients are configured to either push messages to the master, or provide results in response to requests from the masters.

Slides for the presentation

Broken up into three core sections, this presentation tries to help explain why you monitor software, platforms and your products. What you can look for, and how to best get that information out of your code and finally how Sensu can be used to achieve this in a scalable platform.

Bristol DevOps — WTF is Sensu — Presented by Toby Jackson

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