How I passed the AZ-900 exam for free

5 min readApr 27, 2021

Increase your skills, not your bills.

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Why Azure?

If you know me, you’ll know primarily I work with AWS. In fact, I’m an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. So why am I here, telling you to get Azure certified?

Well, if you really know me, you’ll also know I believe that blind adherence to one vendor is foolish. In terms of your cloud skills, this has never been truer. In a survey of public cloud users carried out by Gartner, 81% of them said they are working with two or more cloud providers.

“By 2023, half of the total public cloud market will be dominated by the 10 biggest public cloud providers.”

If you really know me, you’ll also know I absolutely love freebies and would skin a turd for a penny.

So as you can imagine, I was overjoyed when I found out how to get an Azure cert for free. On a serious note, with the pandemic affecting so many people’s careers right now, diversifying your skills is a smart move.

Azure Fundamentals is an entry level Azure exam. It is ideal for people with some cloud experience already, or someone with IT skills who wants to break into the cloud professionally.

Get the free exam voucher

The most important part of this is earning the free exam voucher. This is dependent on Microsoft. They offer Virtual Training Days, which are free webinars on various topics. The event you want will be under “Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Days” and is called “Fundamentals.”

Azure FUNdamentals

The dates on these will vary so you will need to check the website regularly. As of writing, the next event is 19th May 2021.

Look for this text in the course description:

After completing this free training, you’ll be eligible to take the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam at no cost.

You must register for the training day with the same email address you will use to register for the exam…


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